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Tax Strategies

Perhaps the most impactful piece of retirement planning is determining your current and future tax liability and developing strategies to minimize the amount of taxes you pay in retirement. Tax planning can have a large impact on the amount of wealth you will be able to transfer to your legacy. We will help ensure that your retirement plan takes full advantage of available tax credits and deductions to ensure that you and your heirs are maximizing wealth for generations to come.

Lord Wellington Investments and Lord Wellington Financial are owned by Greg A. Kennedy, CPA (APAC). Both companies are affiliated with Greg A. Kennedy, CPA (APAC), a public accounting firm in Baton Rouge for over 18 years.  For additional information on related CPA services, see our affiliate website at www.gakcpafirm.com.

Tax Planning Services

  • Roth Conversion Analysis
  • Year-End Tax Filing Services
  • 1040 Tax Optimization Reports
  • Personalized Tax Reduction Reports

We will monitor tax law changes that will affect our clients, recommending tax savings strategies as well as serving as your advocate in tax matters. Our client’s tax returns are prepared so that they only pay what they are required to pay and not a penny more.

We strive to implement a sound, well-thought-out financial strategy to minimize year-to-year tax liabilities and provide the opportunity to maintain your current standard of living throughout retirement.